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英语常用口语14 – low-hanging fruit

low-hanging fruit(s): 1. things such as goals, targets that can be easily achieved. 2. people who can be easily persuaded, talked into, tricked, or fooled to do or buy things. 这个短语从字面上来看,意思是指那些挂在树上很低的果子,最容易被摘取。有了这个背景知识,就比较容易记住这个短语的常用意思。这个短语的第一个意思是这那些很容易达到的目标或很容易做到的事情。第二种意思是第一种的引申,是指那些很容易被说服或被蒙蔽而去做某事或买某样东西的那些人。 造句: 1). In order for us to succeed in the short term, we need to first go after the low-hanging fruit. (为了让公司在短期内有成效,我们首先要实现那些容易达到的目标。) 2). As a personal financial adviser, when looking for clients you should always start with the low-hanging fruits, then move on to those who are harder to be persuaded. (作为个人理财顾问,当你寻找客户时,应该总是从那些容易被说服的人开始着手,然后再去说服那些比较难说服的人。)