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英语常用口语12 – throw someone for a loop

Throw (or knock) someone for a loop: to confuse or shock someone, which usually makes the person very upset because he/she doesn’t expect it. 这个常用口语的意思是让某人震惊或困惑,是会让某人生气的震惊或困惑,因为完全处于某人的意料之外。 造句: 1). He threw me for a loop when he said he was quitting his job. 2). He totally threw me for a loop when he decided not to take my advice on the project we have been working on.

英语常用口语11 – Get up on the wrong side of bed

Get up on the wrong side of bed (or get out of the wrong side of bed, or wake up on the wrong side of bed): To seem grouchy on a particular day; to begin the day feeling unhappy and uncomfortable. 这个常用口语的字面意思是“睡觉睡错边了”或者“起床起错边了”。每个人睡觉的时候都会习惯睡床的某一边,如果睡错边了,醒来的时候会感到很不舒服,心情不好。所以当一个人某天心情不好,脾气烦躁,或感到干什么都不顺利的时候,就可以用睡觉睡错边了来形容。 造句: 1). Did you get up on the wrong side of bed this morning? You are a real grouch! (你今天早上是不是发现你睡觉睡错边了?你是满腹牢骚。) 2). I got up on the wrong side of bed yesterday, and everything that could go wrong did! (我昨天可以说是万事不顺,所有可能出错的事都发生了。)  

英语常用口语10 – Out of gas

Out of gas: 1). Without gasoline (in a car, truck, etc) 2). Tired; exhausted; worn out 这个短语的字面意思是车没有汽油了,但是它的引申义是形容人累得精疲力尽的状态。 造句: 1). This car will be completely out of gas in a few more miles. 2). I have been playing tennis matches for more than three hours, and I’m really out of gas.

英语常用口语09 – Ride the short bus

Ride the short bus: (this is an offensive and insulting idiom) to be mentally or physically challenged. The buses used by public school systems in US to transport mentally disabled children are generally half the size (or smaller) of the regular buses, thus the “Long Bus” for regular kids and the “Short Bus” for the special-ed kids. 这个常用口语带有很强的贬义,不建议日常使用,但是你得懂得它的意思,当有人使用的时候你知道是什么意思。这个短语通常是用来指那些在智力上或者身体上有残障的人,它的引申义是用来指某人是弱智。这个短语的来源是在美国的公立学校里,那些需要特殊教育的学生(智障或残障学生)所乘坐的校车比一般学生的校车要短一些,于是当说一个人乘坐小校车就是指那个人有智障或残障。 造句: a). That is a stupid idea and people would think you ride the short bus because of it. b). You didn’t know who Barack Obama is? Did you ride the short bus to school?