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The pain of growing up

Sometimes, life threw up problems that even the wisest, most trusted mentor couldn't solve for you. It was part of the pain of growing up. And having to stand by and watch was part of the pain of being a mentor. From Ranger's Apprentice Book Six: The Siege of Macindaw It is even more true when you replace "mentor" with "parent".

Life Lesson

Horace's simplistic and uncomplicated approach to life led him to accept things as they were and not seek complications. From Ranger's Apprentice Book Four: The Battle for Skandia Often times, we make life too complicated and we don't know how to approach it. Sigh…

Life lesson

Once you best a man, never gloat. Be generous and find something in his actions to praise. He won’t enjoy being bested, but he’ll make a good face of it. Show him you appreciated it. Praise can win you a friend. Gloating will only ever make enemies. From Ranger’s Apprentice Book One: The Ruins of Gorlan What a good life lesson a master has taught his young apprentice.


洗碗机用久了里面会有很多水垢,而且碗盘上也会沾上很多水垢,即使用Jet Dry帮助也不大,我身边有些朋友因为水垢的问题就不再用洗碗机了。其实洗碗机里的水垢很容易去除,下面是我用的一个轻而易举的办法。 1.照常使用洗碗机洗碗 2.当洗碗机开始注入洗碗液的时候,暂停洗碗机 3.打开洗碗机,加入两杯白醋 4.关闭洗碗机,继续洗碗 如果水垢比较多的话,可以多加一杯白醋,或者多重复这个办法就会把水垢轻松去除了。


今天去社区图书馆还书的时候,在大厅里看到一个醒目的牌子,上面写着“No Sleeping”,不准睡觉。不知道看书看累了打个盹可不可以?


今天在收拾房子的时候,发现一封Tristan写给我们的信,可能是他上写作课时的作文: 12-15-11 Dear Mom and Dad, This Christmas came on us terribly fast. Now, I have just read this terribly great book called Vampirates, and I was wondering if you could spare a few bucks at Scholastic to get the book, I would be honored. The year has gone fast and I have done extremely great! Haven’t you remembered the time I’ve been responsible by organizing all my books onto the shelf? Or helping my sister fix her bed? Plus, that time when yall got me “The Son of Neptune”, I read through, it like chopping butter with a machete. […]


新年假期里完成了一项巨大工程:将家里两个浴室的已经开始朽烂的手龙头换掉。房屋建筑商为了降低成本,用的水龙头的质量都不好,才五年多,水龙头一些部分已经开始朽烂漏水。原来的水龙头是这样的: 花了近两个小时,把旧的水龙头卸掉: 又花了近一个小时,装上了新的水龙头: 有了经验之后,装第二个就快多了: